Theme parks

Whether you are being amazed by the beauty of the Keukenhof gardens, or enjoying an exciting roller coaster ride at Duinrell, at the basis of these experiences is always a certain form of communication. No experience is made without the transfer of stimulation. Especially at theme parks everything evolves around the visitor experience. This is exactly why we prefer to measure satisfaction on all touchpoints that theme park visitors experience - from ordering tickets online to the trip back home, and every touchpoint in between.

Next to mapping and measuring the visitor journey, we have identified a substantial need for studies mapping visitor profiles and drivers for visiting theme parks. Therefore, profiling studies and target group studies are a standard solution we offer, as part of the entire market research toolkit for theme parks.

Circle Duinrell
Connie van Rossum,
Manager Marketing & Communications Duinrell
What’s so great about ExpoResult is that I immediately noticed their expertise in the field of market research. They are not afraid to offer unsolicited advice, and they are extremely flexible and very fast to deliver. ExpoResult has a very user-friendly monitoring tool, which enables one to monitor results real time, and which allows for applying filters and generating graphs. Their research reports are detailed and offer in-depth insights, and their personal elaboration on the study’s results has substantial added value. Shortly summarized: ExpoResult is a professional and pleasant supplier to work with!