Corporate events

Exhibitions are events, but events are not always exhibitions. The main difference between an exhibition and a corporate event is that at an event, the organizer is also the only participant. Think about corporate shows, employee meetings and business relation events, for instance. In the case of an exhibition, the organizer is not a participant, but a match maker between visitors and exhibitors.

An exhibition or an event? The ingredients to obtain maximal effectivity are always the same. There is always a desired effect that needs to be achieved among the target group. A change in knowledge, attitude or behavior needs to be generated among the target audience attending the event. If this effect does not materialize, you have wasted precious company budget. ExpoResult does not only measure event effectivity, but can also support you in explicating your objectives.

Circle Laarhoven
Anton Slager,
General Director Laarhoven design
The study’s results have yielded extremely valuable insights: a level of insight with which we were also able to give direction to our follow up actions, both in the field of marketing and sales, as well as the field of business and organization development. Based on our positive experiences, we will undoubtedly decide to collaborate with ExpoResult again, when quantitative studies are part of our assignment.