Museums offer the perfect mix of experience and knowledge for their visitors. But do you know who your visitors are, and to which extent they match your target audience? Simply approaching visitors who have bought an e-ticket is not sufficient to develop a detailed profile of your museum’s visitors. In close collaboration with the client, ExpoResult can develop a representative profile of your visitors for you, enabling you to really understand who your visitors are.

Representative market research results are vital in order to be able to evaluate your marketing efforts. When those efforts are aimed at a certain target group, you want to make sure to check that this is in fact the group who visited your museum, and may even have paid one or more repeat visits, too.

Naturally, other relevant aspects that have an influence on the total experience are included in the research study, too, such as accessibility, the ticket purchase process, the facilities, the exhibition itself, and quality of the museum employees.

Circle Kroller
Lies Boelrijk,
Head of Marketing & Business Development
Kröller-Müller Museum
We felt a need to obtain a detailed level of insight into our visitors’ profile, and were interested to understand how our visitors perceive a number of aspects in relation to our museum, which is when we came into contact with ExpoResult. The agency can be characterized by a combination of quality, speed, flexibility, expertise and service. Personally, I enjoy working with suppliers who only need a few words to get started, which I found ExpoResult to be able to. The results of the study ExpoResult conducted for us are very valuable for our museum.