Exhibition organizers have a need for different market research solutions for a variety of research questions, regardless the type of exhibition they are organizing. ExpoResult has built up extensive experience with a broad range of market research solutions:

  • visitor evaluation studies
  • exhibitor evaluation studies
  • no-show studies
  • feasibility studies
  • communication studies
  • commercial due diligence studies
  • effect measurement studies
  • target group analyses

Visitor and exhibitor evaluation studies are conducted most often, and comprise subjects such as visitor profiling, interest, behavior, satisfaction, loyalty, NPS, and competitive field.

Moreover, ExpoResult regularly presents exhibition and event organizers’ study results to exhibition and event stakeholders.

Circle Ahoy
Gert-Jan van den Nieuwenhoff,
General Manager B2B Ahoy Rotterdam
Working with ExpoResult is a professional and pleasant experience. ExpoResult distinguishes itself by its extensive knowledge of our profession and our sector, which translates into maximal added value to the studies they conduct. Therefore, we fully trust ExpoResult to present our exhibition studies to our stakeholders. The speed with which they work, as well as the high service standards, complete the picture.