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Over the past years, effectiveness measurements have been carried out for dozens of premium brands at the ‘Huishoudbeurs ‘ and the ‘Libelle Zomerweek’. Below, you can answer a couple of questions from these studies, to give you an idea about what to expect when you participate or to compare them to your own findings. Of course, individual results depend both on the performance and the type of company and product.

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What percentage of the visitors of the event visit the booth of a premium brand?

Keep in mind that about nine in ten visitors see your booth. This means that your brand-awareness does not guarantee a visit. A premium brand must be as proactive as any other to generate as much traffic as possible

What percentage of the visitors of the booth of a premium brand does not yet use the product promoted at the booth?

The majority of your booth visitors is not yet familiar with the product you’re promoting. This potential new product user usually requires a little extra motivation to try out your product. Excellent booth staff understands the art of temptation.

What percentage of the visitors of the booth of a premium brand does not yet use that premium brand?

The potential new brand user. A valuable group that walks past the booth all too often, because it does not use the brand (yet). All the more reason to proactively participate and to think about stopping power. Because there are more than enough potential new brand users at the show

What percentage of the visitors that left the booth of a premium brand with the intention to buy, becomes a returning buyer of one or more of the promoted products?

Once they have returned home with a positive feeling about the product, the booth visitor with buying intention often converts this into a recurring purchase. Participation at consumer shows pays off, but could pay off even more if the top part of the funnel is filled better with booth visitors. Extending the promotion with supermarket promotions, can keep the bottom of the funnel as wide as possible.

Would you like to know how all this works for you? Do you hardly study the effectiveness of your live communication, or not at all? Would you like to have an answer to the returning question of ROI of consumer show attendance? If so, please contact us. We are happy to inform you.

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