Consumer shows

For participants in consumer shows and related events, such as the Huishoudbeurs or the Libelle Zomerweek, it can be a real struggle to determine what the effect of their exhibition participation is. Large premium brands are not able to measure effects by means of sales at the exhibition stand alone – they are more interested in the long-term effects of their presence at a consumer show.

ExpoResult offers a benchmark based on effect studies of tens of premium brands measured at consumer shows. Next to aspects such as awareness, knowledge and attitudes, we measure buying intention after the stand has been visited. Ideally, after a few months we measure to what extent this buying intention has materialized in actual trial and/or repeat purchases.

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Marc van Dijk,
CEO Effective Brand & Sales Activators
Our collaboration with ExpoResult can be type casted by a high level of quality, efficiency and service. The studies that ExpoResult conducts for us do not only offer insight into the value of exhibitions as a medium, for ourselves and our clients, but on top of that the effectivity of our own performance is clearly explained, too. We would advise every brand that presents itself at a consumer show to have their participation effectivity measured by ExpoResult.