Trade shows

For trade shows, results can be concretely measured. Contacts at the stand can be registered, and after the trade show, conversion can be monitored. But could your exhibition participation efforts potentially have been more effective? More often than not the answer is yes, but you will not know until you measure your efforts. Like no other market research agency, ExpoResult has extensive experience in developing and conducting effect evaluation studies for individual exhibitors.

Through the years, ExpoResult has built up a robust benchmark based on our effect evaluation studies, conducted for a broad variety of exhibitors. In this benchmark, aspects such as reach, satisfaction, knowledge transfer, image, and buying intention are included. Moreover, the benchmark results are split into existing customers and prospects, because for virtually all exhibitors, creating contacts with prospect buyers is the primary goal of their participation in a trade show.

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Circle Vialis
Robin van Haasteren,
Commercial Director Vialis
The results of the research study were positively surprising, but that’s not the only reason we have become enthusiastic about ExpoResult’s expertise. Their pragmatic approach, the questions they asked about our research objectives, the professional manner in which they developed the survey questions, the way in which the study was conducted, and the solid, in-depth report as a final result: we are very happy customers. ExpoResult has proven to be a no-nonsense organization, with extensive experience in the measurability of objectives